As a therapist, coach and consultant my job is to be attuned to people I work with and how they respond, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, to my intervention. I have studied many methods about human change, but in the end it’s about my capacity to find compassion, acceptance, curiosity, mindfulness and a willingness to hang out without knowing, both therapist and the person in therapy to dive into the unknown, together.

I feel honored to witness the process of individuals choosing to look within for answers to their struggles.

I feel honored to those that I have guided, helped to unravel the unknown and encouraged new ways of opening up to knowing themselves and being in the world.

I feel honored to those who transformed what they thought they couldn’t tolerate before and became the best person they could be.

As a therapist, I have the privilege of experiencing you in your moments of “Aha” to the depths of the unknown and discovering where your heart has been closed. As I bring awareness to those experiences, I too sometimes am pushed beyond my comfort, my heart expands too, my capacity to sit with difficult experiences grows, and the joy of doing my work also grows.

For all of this…..Thank you!


Transformational NLP/Spiritual Practioner

“I recommend Keren’s powerful, creative and wise ways of assisting clients in clearly discovering their way forward. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Keren’s work evolve over the past 20 plus years. What’s exceptional is her continual understanding that her clients can only go as far as she has been willing to go herself. It is this depth of understanding coupled with Keren’s lifetime commitment to her own personal growth that naturally contributes to her counseling practice. American born and inspired in her early 20s to venture abroad. Keren has lived the majority of her adult life living and working in the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. She brings a wealth of knowledge of cross cultural understandings.


“In more ways than one Keren Anne Burgman, saved my life and freely provided me with the tools to survive the consequences of my actions of the time almost six years ago. To this day, she has my sincere respect both as a Professional Relocation therapist and as a wonderfully warm person.

Almost seven years ago I made, what many friends and family, at the time, thought was a drastic decision that would eventually take me on a personal journey which would affect me so dramatically, by forcing me into a deep state of depression which began to affect my life, my survival, and my dream.

I divorced my wife in South Africa, resigned from a 36 year government career , to return home to Israel, to study, teach, and find my true self. The decision was almost fatal. Keren was the only one who understood me, and what I was going through. With her sound professionalism, she helped guide me back onto the right road which brought me to my present success, emotionally, in business, and life.”


R.K & E.T.

Working with Keren was a very meaningful experience for us. As a couple for many years since we were teenagers, we had developed some habits that we needed help to work through. Keren was always there for us, both individually and as a couple. She treated us as if we were her only clients in the world. Her focus and dedication was foundational to our journey. Through our sessions with Keren we really developed amazing new skills to love each other more deeply, hear each other more clearly, and make room for each other’s imperfections. We are so grateful for the day she picked up our call. She will be at our wedding!


Karen M.

Keren Ann Burgman helped me through a year I will never forget. I was going through a very rough time with my self and problems at home. I did not know who to turn to until Keren started to work with me. I was feeling lost , I felt as if there was no one that could possibly help me to overcome such hard times. Keren used her incredible skills to guide me through.

We would sit down and talk about the issues I was facing at the time , then Keren would either help me to overcome the problem by using art or special methods.

Working with Keren helped me to become the person I am today. I am so grateful to have had Keren help me through such a hard year. She has such amazing ways of working with people and solving hidden problems from the past and the present. Keren has given me a great amount of self-assuredness and self-esteem in order to accomplish my goals and live the way I deserve to live.

There are no words to describe my gratefulness and appreciation towards Keren. I truly admire her as a person and therapist.



Retired Professor of Speech Radio TV & Film

I have known Keren many a year and she has helped me through some very challenging times. Keren is insightful, resourceful, and empathetic. In the 1965 ballad The Sounds of Silence there is a poetic lyric that says people hearing with out listening.

In today’s rapid fire world many people hear with out never truly listening that is not the case with Keren. She will listen and understand and then help you to better understand yourself or the situation that is bothering you or the issues that are holding yourself back.

We all think that meaningful interaction is something that takes place in an office. However with Keren strong interaction can easily take place. In the last year I have been through a turbulence and I’ve talked face-to-face with life coaches and therapists. In many ways Keren eclipses the others because of her great knowledge intelligence and sincere hunger to reach out and help her fellow human beings.

Luckily we live in an age where we can interface with such an important person that even a decade ago would’ve been impossible. There is the technology so why not apply it to improve your life and your relationships. Your self-esteem and many other challenges we face in life.

Keren possesses the talent and the study and experience to produce results and meaningful interaction without the need of traveling to an office. Even a 20 minute session can be enriching and in some cases life-changing. I know because I have experienced it first hand. 

I have been blessed to have discovered Keren, My only goal in writing this review is to help you also discover this bright diamond that is powerful enough to bring clarity, greater understanding and happiness to your life. I have been a college professor for over two decades and it’s always been my mission to inform people in hope of improving their life.