Teletherapy: Zoom & Telephone Counseling

At one time if you said I’m having a therapy session online someone might think, why would you choose that over going to a therapist’s office and having a session face to face.

In today’s world it’s a creative option. The spread of technology has made online counseling a valuable psychological tool.

Due to numerous reasons these type of sessions can be the best option for many clients: It’s convenient, no traveling costs to and from ones office or home or the inconvenience of traffic jams. It’s easier to organize a time to meet in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Some prefer the higher degree of anonymity and due to a disability or medical illness this form of counseling makes it possible to see a client anyplace whatever the circumstance.

And of course we are not limited to any one city or country. We can actually speak anywhere in the world!

Don’t let the distance or a situation stop you from setting up an appointment. If you are interested in this form of counseling, please fill out the contact form below and I will contact you for a free 20 minute consultation.