Creative Use of Recreation & Play

Through creative expression and the tapping of the imagination, a person can examine ther body, feelings, emotions and his or her thought process.

Initially, my training was in Recreation Therapy. Later I used Play Therapy when working with children. I discovered that this therapeutic discipline, allowed not only children and teens but adults to express themselves more freely. Creative expression allows adults to reclaim their natural capacity for healing, in an integrated way, whether using play, music, movement, storytelling, dream work or visual arts.

I believe whether we are children or adults we all benefit from playing. Play is a joyful form of self-care and can help us stay balanced in our lives. Most of us have forgotten how to play. Pure play allows our inner child to break free from the confines of the adult world. It’s not surprising that Adult Coloring Books have become so popular!

Let me introduce you to my inner child, she loves to paint, blow seeds from a dandelion, run through autumn leaves, blow bubbles, sing loudly in the car listening to her favorite music, take a moment and smell roses where there are rose bushes and feel the velvety petals in her hand, laugh so hard from her favorite comedy or TV show that she has to hold her stomach doubled over. These are just a few things I love….are you aware of that part of yourself? If so when was the last time you allowed yourself to simply connect to being playful?

Whenever possible I try to use some aspect of creative exploration in my sessions. Maintaining self-care includes being creative. It is not unusual that we have often forgotten how to re-create: I am here to assist you in re- connecting to your inner child and allowing that part of yourself to emerge and express itself.