About Keren

Twenty years ago a sudden storm came through my life when my ex-husband walked out without warning, with only a letter left to me on the dining room table.

Did I see this coming? Absolutely not. I never imagined that my partner would disappear. I was in shock, overwhelmed with sadness, heartache and uncertainty.

Being with friends and family who were supportive helped ease the pain, but being in therapy is what helped me heal with clarity, insight and empowerment.

This life event changed who I was profoundly, and as consequence I embarked on a therapeutic process that allowed me to educate myself in this field, inspiring me to support and help others through the expected and unexpected peaks and valley’s in life.

Hello, I’m Keren, I grew up in the US, Chicago, Illinois and received my M.A. in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Los Angeles.

Blogging provides me with a vehicle to share my life experiences, joy and heartache, my strengths and weaknesses, endings and beginning that have helped me become the woman and therapist that I am today. It is in this spirit that I hope to encourage and inspire others . 

My professional work and living experiences in the US, Overseas and Israel has provided me with opportunities to help people find themselves during difficult circumstances, find hope when filled with uncertainty, become more resilient and creative in their options, and rediscover their strengths so they can move forward in life.

As a therapist, coach and consultant my job is to be attuned to people I work with and how they respond, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, to my intervention. I have studied many methods about human change, but in the end it’s about my capacity to find compassion, acceptance, curiosity, mindfulness and a willingness to hang out without knowing, both therapy and the person in therapy to dive into the unknown, together.

My Qualifications and Approach:

  • Masters Degree: Marriage, Family and Child Therapy (M.F.T.)
  • Bachelor of Science: Therapeutic Recreation (B.S.)
  • Systemic Family Therapy
  • Couple Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy 
  • Mindfulness Practioner & Meditation Teacher
  • Therapeutic Recreation: Creative use of art, journaling and play therapy

Are you making choices based on an automatic reaction instead of response to the here and now? When we become aware of our faulty beliefs, attitude and coping strategies acquired from our family of origin then we can take the necessary first step in becoming empowered to decide, manage and transform our inner world. We can respond instead of reacting, and then we can interact in a more positive way in our relationships and environment.

I have learned from my life experience and acquired knowledge that if a person dwells on “the why” too long they limit their growth and the possibilities that are available to them. The “why” tends to keep you stuck, and doesn’t allow you to see beyond a limited story. I work outside the “why” I am here to help you remember that you can make changes in your life.

Making changes toward how you want to be in the world is about reconnecting with your true self. Through the process of forgiveness you can stop holding onto “If Only I Didn’t” and learn how to let go and move on to what is here and now. WHILE you can’t change the past you can decide how you want to live your life in the present. It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary. This is your life…there nothing more important or precious than this!

If you find yourself saying “Yes, I can relate to what you are saying,” 
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